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  • Victim of Negligence

    Lake Urmia;

    Victim of Negligence

    Lake Urmia, in north-western Iran, was once the largest salt-water lake in the Middle East and attracted visitors from near and far.

  • Bavanat Valley in Iran

    A Cultural Experience by Michael Pullman;

    Bavanat Valley in Iran

    A gorgeous region of Iran, the Bavanat Valley is situated between the northern deserts and the Zagros mountains in the south. It's an area famous for nomad life, culture, and nature. Wild Frontiers offers a number of tours to Iran and Bavanat Valley. Here's an experience from one of our travelers to this fascinating part of Iran.

  • Safavid less known palace in Isfahan

    Safavid less known palace in Isfahan

    Ashraf Hall is a small part of a Safavid glorious complex that included the Roofed Hall, Eight Palace, Poshte-e Matbakh palace, Rakib Khaneh, and Timurid Hall which have been destroyed and there is no trace of them anymore; Ashraf Hall has been survived by reviving and building a new wall around the monument.

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