6 November 2017 - 10:12

Iran's Metropolises News Agency was initially established in 2006 as an online news portal. IMNA turned into a news agency after receiving the legal registration certificate issued by Iran's Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance on October 10, 2006. The Municipality of Isfahan is the license owner of IMNA.

IMNA has been recognized as the only news agency in the country that is headquartered in Isfahan and focuses on "city and citizen" affairs; this media acts as a bridge between citizens and municipal leaders, informing the public about the measures taken by Iranian municipal administrations.

IMNA seeks to enhance the quality of life in cities by investigating the concerns of citizens regarding city administration, reflecting the viewpoints of responsive authorities, academics, and researchers, and revealing the answerability of managers in charge of urban governance.

We have established a set of objectives for everyone working at the IMNA. They indicate the expectations we have defined for ourselves and each other; they guide our everyday decisions and the way we behave.

• We consider our audiences at the core of everything we release.

• Delivering fact-based stories from reliable sources is our main policy.

• The editorial board balances all information provided by interviews and seeks details from knowledgeable experts on each side of any topic.

• IMNA provides its audiences with the most current and breaking news possible.

Identifying and investigating the concerns of citizens, strengthening public trust in local government, transferring experiences among metropolises, promoting a culture of citizenship, increasing social vitality, protecting and expanding citizens' rights, contributing to the sustainable development of cities, and improving the urban quality of life are the primary goals we are trying to achieve.

Head office address:

IMNA, 4th Floor, Isfahan Municipality’s Press Complex, Laleh Square, Isfahan, Iran.

Telephone 03135544112-(+98)

Official website: Imna.ir

Email: info@imna.ir

Follow Us On Instagram: @Imnanews_ir

News ID 532171


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