Persian costumes

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  • Last hours of New Year

    Last hours of New Year

    Iranian people have spilled into streets to buy the last stuff of the New Year!

  • Happy Chaharshanbe Suri

    Happy Chaharshanbe Suri

    One of Iranian favorite rituals ahead of the Persian New Year is a fire festival on the eve of the last Wednesday of the outgoing Persian Year. So on the last Tuesday night of the year when the sun goes down, bonfires are lit all over Iran. As a custom of bidding evil adieu and welcoming hope and joy, Iranian jump over bonfires saying an epigram out loud. And that, is just one of persian customs for Chaharshanbeh Soori.

  • Colorful village in heart of Iran

    Colorful village in heart of Iran

    Bardeh village in Ben County is situated adjacent to Shahrekord city. The region is known as the rocky village; above 90 percent of the buildings seems to be made out of stone. Local women of Bardeh always wear traditional garments because the village hosts thousands of tourists almost throughout the year.

  • City of Silver Rains

    City of Silver Rains

    Gilan Province is one of the northern provinces of Iran that situated along the Caspian Sea. This region is inhabited by local people who called Gilaks. Regarding regional foods and culinary, traditional songs and costumes, stunning country sides, culture and lifestyle, you can find fantastic traditions in such a paradise.

  • Persian costumes in Iran's universities

    Persian costumes in Iran's universities

    "The plan of wearing Persian costumes should be implemented as a pilot in educational centers to identify its weaknesses; then we can promote our culture gradually," a member of Iranian Sociological Association said.