Persian costumes in Iran's universities

"The plan of wearing Persian costumes should be implemented as a pilot in educational centers to identify its weaknesses; then we can promote our culture gradually," a member of Iranian Sociological Association said.

Iran (IMNA) – "This cultural project is very beautiful and admirable, but there are some weaknesses to implement it in some organizations. Wearing ethnic costumes in science centers and throughout the city requires advertising and culture-building practices, so that people will be aware of this subject and behave tactfully in this regard," Maryam Beizaie said.

"The traditional ethnic costumes that has been inherited from centuries ago, represents the culture and civilization of a country. Promoting this kind of clothing among people is only possible by raising their awareness of this matter," she added.

Saying that unfortunately people's self-esteem has been disappeared and they have not reached the internal maturity so far and pointing to the fact that Iranian are competing with European people by focusing on luxury-oriented approaches, she continued, "there is not any network to promote Persian clothing in the country, since we have forgotten our civilization, culture and nationality, and we are only imitating."  

"When the nature of colorful ethnic clothes mocked by people, vitality will be removed from their lives, and depression will be increased subsequently; actually, psychologists believe that happy colors improve the soul and body health significantly," she also said.

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