Gilan Province is one of the northern provinces of Iran that situated along the Caspian Sea. This region is inhabited by local people who called Gilaks. Regarding regional foods and culinary, traditional songs and costumes, stunning country sides, culture and lifestyle, you can find fantastic traditions in such a paradise.

Iran (IMNA) - In Gilan, people’s lifestyle is inseparable from its stunning nature. In other words, nature is a reliable source of inspiration for Gilaks.  Gilan has a humid climate with the heaviest rainfall records in Iran. Major ranges of the province are Mountainous, and broadly devoted to green landscapes.

Nice climate and breathtaking landscapes attract annual average of two million domestic and international tourists. Rasht, the capital of the province is internationally known as the "City of Silver Rains ."we invite your eyes to visit the beauties of Guilan province.

Photos taken by: Elahe Jalali

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