The mayor of Kapan, Gevorg Parsyan, recently embarked on a trip to Isfahan, Iran, after receiving an invitation from the mayor of Isfahan, Ali Ghasemzade.

Iran (IMNA) - In a meeting with the municipal officials of Isfahan Municipality, the mayor of Armenia's Kapan, expressed his gratitude to Isfahan Municipality for their warm hospitality and commended the city for its remarkable beauty, cleanliness, and lush greenery. He admitted that he had never imagined Isfahan to be such a picturesque and environmentally friendly city, and being the mayor of Kapan, he was truly impressed.

In a meeting with the mayor of Isfahan, Gevorg Parsyan, the mayor of Kapan, commended the city for its remarkable beauty, cleanliness, and lush greenery. He admitted that he had never imagined Isfahan to be such a picturesque and environmentally friendly city, and being the mayor of Kapan, he was truly impressed.

Parsyan further acknowledged the tremendous efforts made by Isfahan Municipality in maintaining the cleanliness of the city. He emphasized that Isfahan's cleanliness is highly noticeable and commendable.

Highlighting the longstanding historical ties between Iran and Armenia, Parsyan mentioned that the two countries have been friends and neighbors for many years. He expressed his desire to strengthen the relationship between the two cities of Isfahan and Kapan, both politically and economically. Currently, the political and international relationship between Iran and Armenia is at a high level, but Parsyan emphasized the need for an even better and closer connection between the two cities.

Parsyan stated that one of the main objectives of their visit to Isfahan is to foster cooperation and consensus with Isfahan Municipality across various levels and fields. He highlighted the strategic importance of Kapan, as it is situated along a major north-south land communication route, serving as a crucial link between the Black Sea and Asian countries.

Moreover, Parsyan expressed his eagerness to establish a strong economic relationship between Isfahan and Kapan. As a step towards this goal, an entrepreneur from their delegation is currently visiting Isfahan to explore potential projects and collaborations.

Ali Ghasemzadeh, The mayor of Isfahan, highlighted the long-standing historical and cultural ties between Isfahan and Armenians, emphasizing the model of peaceful coexistence that has been established between monotheistic religions in Isfahan and Iran. Ghasemzadeh further expressed the deep respect that the people of Isfahan have for Armenians, acknowledging Armenia as a friendly country.

The mayor of Isfahan also expressed a strong determination to make deeper ties with the people of Kapan and the country of Armenia. The Parsyan's visit to Isfahan is expected to enhance communication and interaction between the two cities, which is deemed necessary. Furthermore, discussions regarding sister-city relations between Kapan and Isfahan's municipal district 5, where Armenians reside, have gained significant momentum. The mayor expressed keen interest in pursuing this initiative and hopes that the presence of the Kapan municipal board in Isfahan will bear witness to their commitment.

Ghasemzadeh concluded by declaring the comprehensive readiness of Isfahan to share technical and business knowledge with the Kapan Municipality. Additionally, efforts will be made to strengthen communication through holding various cultural and artistic events.

The Historic Relation Between Iran and Armenia

In a historical revelation, we explore the deep-rooted ties that have woven between Iran and Armenia over centuries. These two nations have shared a remarkable bond, characterized by cultural exchanges, political alliances, and mutual respect.

Dating back to ancient times, the geographical proximity of Iran and Armenia has paved the way for extensive interactions. The Armenians, known for their rich cultural heritage, have found a welcoming home in Iran, particularly in the vibrant neighborhood of Jolfa in Isfahan.

Jolfa, an enchanting district nestled in the heart of Isfahan, serves as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of the Armenian community within Iran's cultural tapestry. This neighborhood has flourished as a hub of Armenian culture, preserving traditions and fostering a sense of belonging.

Wandering through the streets of Jolfa, one is captivated by the architectural marvels that reflect the distinctive Armenian influence. The exquisite Vank Cathedral stands tall, adorned with intricate frescoes and magnificent artwork, capturing the essence of Armenian religious expression.

Moreover, Jolfa offers a myriad of charming houses, each telling a story of its own. The fusion of Iranian and Armenian architectural styles creates a unique ambiance, where vibrant colors and ornate details converge in harmony. This amalgamation symbolizes the peaceful coexistence of diverse cultures within Iran.

Beyond architecture, the Armenian community in Jolfa has preserved its rich cultural heritage through various artistic expressions. The soul-stirring melodies of Armenian music resonate through the neighborhood, intertwining with the sounds of Persian poetry and traditional Iranian instruments.

Jolfa also boasts a vibrant culinary scene, offering a delightful blend of Iranian and Armenian flavors. Traditional dishes like khorovats (grilled meat) and dolma (stuffed vegetables) tantalize the taste buds, showcasing the culinary prowess of the Armenian community.

While Jolfa serves as a testament to the historic relation between Iran and Armenia, it also stands as a symbol of mutual respect and appreciation for cultural diversity. The Iranian government has actively supported the preservation of Armenian heritage in Jolfa, recognizing the importance of fostering cultural harmony.

As we delve into the rich history that binds Iran and Armenia together, Jolfa emerges as a living testament to the enduring friendship between these two nations. It is a place where traditions transcend borders, and the cultural mosaic of Iran shines brightly.

This historic relation between Iran and Armenia, coupled with the vibrant community of Jolfa, exemplifies the power of cultural exchange and serves as a reminder of the beauty that emerges when different cultures intertwine.

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