Millions of people in the world live with a disability. It’s hard to make a living while trying to cope with a disability.

Iran (IMNA) - One thing that make it challenging for people with wheelchairs to get jobs has to do with having limited mobility. While not all people with disabilities have physical disabilities that prevent them from commuting to work, there’s a significant number of wheelchair users.

Getting a job if you’re in a wheelchair can seem like an unrealistic dream. But as many people with disabilities can tell you, it’s not.

Ali Beigi, known as Maser Ali, is an 80 years old man who was diagnosed with infantile paralysis, better known as poliomyelitis, when he was 15.

Despite coming from an economically disadvantaged home, Master Ali beat the odds including rounds of challenges to build up his business.

Without allowing the wheelchair to hold him back, Maters Ali started making shoes at the age of 20. Let's have a look at some shots of his daily life through IMNA's camera.

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