Isfahan and St. Petersburg Strengthen Sister City Ties Through Expanded Negotiations, Collaborations

Isfahan and St. Petersburg, two historic sister cities, have expanded their negotiations and collaborations in various fields. The cities have been working on strengthening their cultural, scientific, technical, and economic potentials.

Iran (IMNA) - Isfahan and St. Petersburg, two historic cities with a sister city agreement since 2004, have taken their relations to new horizons. During the 13th Tourism, Handicrafts, and Hospitality Exhibition of Isfahan, Seyed Amin Mortazavi, head of Isfahan Municipality's International Department, announced the expansion of negotiations between the representatives of the administrative department of St. Petersburg and Isfahan.

The sisterhood agreement aims to strengthen cultural, scientific, technical, and economic potentials between the two cities. In line with this, St. Petersburg responded to Isfahan's invitation and participated in the exhibition, sending a delegation to negotiate with Isfahan's active sectors and tourism agencies.

Establishing a direct flight line between the two cities is one of the key aspects of strengthening tourism between Isfahan and St. Petersburg. The head of the International Department of Isfahan Municipality, Mortazavi, highlighted that this requires an airline to declare its readiness to provide weekly flights and increase the number if passengers welcome them.

To explore the feasibility of a direct flight line, a webinar meeting between the tourism agencies and airlines of both cities has been arranged. Following this, one of the airlines will announce its readiness, make necessary estimates, and potentially establish the flight line. Additionally, Mortazavi mentioned that the representative office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has made the necessary correspondence with Isfahan Governorate to ensure the cost-effectiveness of launching this line by expanding exports between the two cities.

Isfahan University of Art and Hermitage Museum Collaborate on Art Preservation; International Hotel Projects with Sister Cities

The State Hermitage Museum (Hermitage) and Isfahan University of Art are set to collaborate, according to Mortazavi, who mentioned that the Russian institution has chosen the Iranian university as a specialized institution in the field of art. This collaboration will involve exchanging information and knowledge on preservation, maintenance, and restoration methods of artworks between professors, experts, and professionals from both sides.

Regarding hotel construction in Isfahan, Mortazavi highlighted the need for additional hotel capacity to accommodate the growing number of tourists. Isfahan Municipality has determined domestic facilities for hotel construction and offers a 99% discount on construction fees to encourage investment. The city is now expanding its horizons internationally, suggesting hotel projects to its sister cities, Xian and St. Petersburg.

Isfahan Municipality has identified lands for hotel construction, both owned by the municipality and the private sector, and consultations are underway with Chinese and Russian representatives. These hotels will be built with the participation of the private sector, municipality, and representatives from the sister cities, and may operate jointly as well.

Mortazavi emphasized that hotel construction will be under the supervision of Isfahan’s Department of Urban Development and in compliance with the rules and regulations of Isfahan Municipality. Architectural styles will be tailored to the region, with flexibility for different designs in peripheral areas. The specifications of the selected lands have been sent to China and will soon be sent to St. Petersburg, allowing investors to visit Isfahan and review the conditions.

Strengthening Sister City Ties: Medical Student Exchange, Future Collaborations, and Wastewater Treatment Webinar

The head of the International Administration of Isfahan Municipality discussed the exchange of professors and students between the medical universities of Isfahan and St. Petersburg, following the sisterhood agreement between the two cities. This agreement includes bilateral exchange at various levels, contributing to scientific and public diplomacies.

More than 20 understandings have been concluded between University of Isfahan, Isfahan University of Technology of Technology and Isfahan University of Medical Sciences with their respective institutions in sister cities. Future collaborations are planned for the 25th anniversary of the sisterhood between Isfahan and St. Petersburg, including inviting the governor of St. Petersburg to Isfahan.

Additionally, Mortazavi mentioned ongoing correspondence for exchanging information and experiences in urban management with different sister cities of Isfahan. A webinar on wastewater treatment and the transfer of experiences and knowledge between the two cities is scheduled within the next month, following the visit of the Isfahan’s deputy mayor for urban services to St. Petersburg last year.

He ended the interview by saying that negotiations are also underway regarding the purchase of requested industrial equipment needed by Isfahan Oil Refining Company.

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