Zayandeh Rood Dam reservoir reached 641 million cubic meters

“Recently, Zayandeh Rood Dam reservoir is estimated at 641 million cubic meters, the inflow rate to the dam is 51 cusecs (cubic meter per second) and its output has reached an estimated 39 cusecs,” Deputy Director for Protection and Exploitation of Isfahan Regional water Authority said. ‌‌‌‌

Iran (IMNA) - Apropos of the rainfall amount in Chelgard, Zayandeh Rood Index Station, Hasan Sasani added, “since the beginning of the current year, there has been a local reduction in precipitation, that is, 1170 mm of rainfall has been recorded. Thus, compared to the previous year, which was 2124 mm of rainfall, we have encountered 45 percent decrease in rainfall and to the long-term in the same period which was 1351 mm, there is a reduction of 13 percent in rainfall in the Zayandeh Rood basin.”

Concerning to the increase in water consumption due to the outbreak of Coronavirus in recent months, he pointed out, “we need to appreciate this precious blessing on the Earth with proper and optimal consumption in daily affairs of all sectors so that we would not face a shortage of water in the summer”.

Zayandeh Roud is the largest river of the Iranian Plateau in Central Iran which flows 400 kilometers in length. This river originates from the central Zagros Mountains, especially the Zard KohBakhtiari ( yellow mountain) . Indeed, Zayandeh Rood Dam is one of the main dams in the centre of the country providing water for drinking as well as environmental, agricultural and industrial purposes. This arch-gravity dam ,which is sited 110 km west of Isfahan in Chadegan county, was put into operation in 1349 with a capacity of 1.4 billion cubic meters.

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