In a meeting with the Spanish Ambassador to Iran, Ali Ghasemzadeh, the mayor of Isfahan, expressed his optimism about the future of the relationship between Isfahan and Barcelona. Ghasemzadeh emphasized that it has been over 20 years since the sister city agreement was signed between the two cities, and he hopes to witness a new chapter in their bond.

Iran (IMNA) -Ghasemzadeh warmly welcomed Ambassador Ángel Losada Fernandez to Isfahan and expressed his desire for him to have an unforgettable experience during his visit. The mayor acknowledged the significance of the longstanding sister city agreement and the positive impact it has had on the cultural exchange and cooperation between Isfahan and Barcelona.

With the passage of time, both cities have grown and evolved, and Ghasemzadeh believes that it is now an opportune moment to explore new avenues for collaboration. By fostering stronger ties, Isfahan and Barcelona can create mutually beneficial opportunities in various sectors, such as tourism, trade, and urban development.

As Isfahan continues to position itself as a vibrant and dynamic city, the mayor envisions a future where the partnership between Isfahan and Barcelona thrives, contributing to the growth and prosperity of both cities. By building upon the foundation established over two decades ago, they can embark on a new era of cooperation and friendship.

Isfahan Mayor Highlights Similarities with Barcelona and Emphasizes Urban Diplomacy

The mayor of Isfahan emphasized the similarities between Isfahan and Barcelona, highlighting the potential for urban diplomacy to foster greater communication between cities and public organizations. During a speech, he specifically mentioned the resemblance between the central street of Barcelona and Isfahan's famous Chaharbagh.

Ghasemzadeh expressed his satisfaction with the visit of the Spanish ambassador to Iran at the opening ceremony of the Isfahan handwoven carpet exhibition. He noted that Iranian carpets, particularly from Isfahan, have found their way into numerous Spanish homes, most notably in Barcelona. These shared interests in traditional craftsmanship serve as a testament to the deep cultural ties between Iran and Spain.

By leveraging urban diplomacy, Isfahan aims to strengthen its relationship with Barcelona and other cities worldwide. This approach prioritizes establishing meaningful connections beyond political differences, focusing on shared values and cultural heritage. Through these efforts, Isfahan seeks to enhance collaboration and exchange between urban and public organizations, ultimately fostering mutual understanding and cooperation.

Ghasemzadeh Highlights Cultural Commonality with Spain and Barcelona, Hopes for Increased Exchanges

The mayor of Isfahan expressed the importance of cultural commonality as the foundation for economic, scientific, and artistic relations. Emphasizing the desire for stronger ties between Iran and Spain, as well as the sister cities of Isfahan and Barcelona, the mayor called for increased exchanges in the near future.

The mayor also underscored Isfahan's readiness to welcome tourists, highlighting the city's renowned hospitality. Furthermore, he emphasized the various opportunities for collaboration between Isfahan and Barcelona in academic, artistic, and sports fields.

Isfahan hosting the International Film Festival for Children and Youth and the Popak children's painting festival showcases its cultural richness and ability to organize events. These capacities can definitely attract and engage Barcelonians, giving them a unique cultural experience. It's wonderful to see how different cities can share their cultural offerings and create opportunities for cultural exchange.

Spanish Ambassador Highlights Spain's Tourist Attraction Potential and Seeks to Strengthen Tourism Relations with Iran

In the recent meeting with the mayor of Isfahan, Ángel Losada Fernandez, the ambassador of Spain in the Islamic Republic of Iran, expressed his admiration for Iran's rich cultural heritage and highlighted Spain's appeal as a tourist destination. Fernandez revealed that Spain welcomes over 90 million tourists annually, making it one of the most attractive countries for global travelers.

Fernandez further noted that, after the United States and Italy, Spain ranks among the top three countries worldwide in terms of attracting foreign tourists. He specifically praised the cities of Isfahan and Shiraz, stating that they have the potential to become premier destinations for international tourists.

The ambassador's visit to Isfahan was not solely focused on attending the handwoven carpet exhibition. Fernandez emphasized his keen interest in strengthening tourism relations between Iran and Spain and said, "By fostering closer ties in this sector, both countries can benefit from increased cultural exchange and economic growth. "

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