Isfahan, one of Iran's leading cities in technology and innovation, has been all set to host the first national exhibition of technology and innovation called "Fan Nama". This highly anticipated event has brought together industry activists, knowledge-based and technological companies, investors, and executives from various economic sectors.

Iran (IMNA) - The exhibition is a collaborative effort by several organizations, including Isfahan Municipality, Isfahan Governorate, the Scientific and Research Campus of the University of Technology, Isfahan University, the Provincial Chamber of Commerce, Special Zone for Science and Technology, industry activists, executive bodies, city managers, knowledge-based companies, entrepreneurs, university faculty members, and researchers.

The organizers of the exhibition have outlined several key objectives. Firstly, it aims to foster interactions between industries and technologists to promote open innovation. Additionally, the event seeks to identify and address the technological needs of different industries while instilling hope, particularly among the younger generation. It also aims to facilitate networking opportunities and provide a platform for visitors to engage with and interact with knowledge-based companies. Notably, foreign delegations from Russia, China, Armenia, and Arabic-speaking countries have been present, further promoting international collaboration. Lastly, the event aims to strengthen the connection between large industries and knowledge bases.

In addition to the exhibition, a diverse range of 40 events have been implemented to complement "Fan Nama." These events include the robotics league, a computer game marathon in collaboration with Isfahan University, various empowerment initiatives in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce, and activities related to the Research and Innovation Fund.

"Fan Nama" is expected to serve as a hub for showcasing cutting-edge technologies and fostering collaborations that will drive innovation and economic growth in Isfahan and beyond. The exhibition promises to be an exciting and impactful event that will leave a lasting impression on participants and visitors alike.

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