In a recent meeting with officials from the Isfahan municipality, Nana Margushevna Gvichia, the deputy head of the St. Petersburg Tourism Development Committee, emphasized the significance of tourism as one of the most influential sectors in the city.

Iran (IMNA) - Margushevna highlighted that tourism not only enhances the economy but also has a positive impact on various other areas, ultimately improving the quality of life for the residents.

While emphasizing the importance of tourism development, Margushevna also stressed the need to ensure that it does not harm the urban environment or disrupt the people's daily lives. She suggested that tourism development should be approached as a dynamic movement, taking into consideration all relevant indicators.

The deputy head of the St. Petersburg Tourism Development Committee further emphasized the importance of promoting the tourism capacities of both Isfahan and St. Petersburg through various means, including movies and TV productions. She proposed that joint cooperation between the two cities' radio producers and TV videographers could serve as a starting point for such initiatives. Drawing from the successful experiences of St. Petersburg in film production collaborations with other sister cities, she urged a more proactive approach to showcasing the tourism potential of Isfahan.

Margushevna emphasized the need to move beyond traditional methods of promoting tourism, such as brochures, and embrace modern and innovative ways to showcase the cities' attractions. She highlighted the importance of continuously updating and adapting the tourism industry to meet the demands of a forward-looking world.

Both Isfahan and St. Petersburg expressed their commitment to developing joint plans and strategies to enhance the tourism industry in their respective cities. By exploring new avenues of collaboration and adopting modern approaches, they hope to attract more visitors and create a thriving tourism sector that benefits both cities.

With a shared vision for tourism development, Isfahan and St. Petersburg are poised to embark on a journey of mutual cooperation and exchange, promoting their unique cultural heritage and attracting tourists from around the world.

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