Even in regions with adequate water resources, water shortage may occurred as a result of insufficient infrastructures, dysfunctional distribution systems and mismanagement of water resources. Water shortage challenges are punching all walks of life in Iran, from rural farmers to city residents live in Iran's water stress regions. Many Iranians have been suffering from water shortages due the warm weather and lack of sufficient available water resources to respond the demands of water usage within the region. Coupled with low precipitation levels due to the climate change, Iran’s water scarcity has been aggravated. Moreover, recent power shortages in the country have also been attributed to lack of hydroelectricity as more than 20 percent of electricity production depends upon water reservoirs. From the beginning of summer, long hours of water cuts have been reported in Iranian cities; cutting water has brought many problems one of which is supplying drinking water by water tanks! Let's see some shots on water supply cuts, and people seeking for water!

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