Water scarcity is an enormous challenge for humanity. Agriculture nowadays uses over 73% of all fresh water use.

Iran (IMNA) - The world population will rise from 7 to 9 billion within 35 years. It is predicted that the food demand will rise approximately 40% within the next 35 years. To promote the sustainable food production, we need water.

Water consumption will be increased to 40% in near future, if our agricultural technologies will not change. The Groasis Waterboxx can help solve this challenge as it has been designed to help growing trees in dry areas.

Farmers can take many benefits of this technology, and plant productive trees (orchards, timber, medicines, and fodder) in combination with vegetables, then generate revenues in cost effective manner. If farmers realize the Groasis technology, they can plant 90% cheaper than traditional irrigation methods (like drip irrigation) and consume 90% less water than the traditional methods of planting.

The method can be used by all farmers across Iran as it does not require any cultural adaptation.

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