If you're enjoying late-summer crops like sunflower seeds or wheat, consider what went into growing and harvesting this crops.

Iran (IMNA) - Food production takes up almost half of the Earth's land surface. Farmers play a crucial role in providing the basics for much of the world’s population.

In the era of industrialization, it is difficult to believe that there is no combined harvester for all croplands. While reaping machines have taken the place of farmers' hands for harvesting products like vegetables, they still rely heavily on their own hand to plant, maintain and pick the crops by scythe, sickle or reaper which is a labor-intensive activity that requires a great deal of skill.

Some large farms take advantage of sophisticated machines such as combine harvesters; however, at some points of post-harvest steps like threshing and winnowing, farmers need to take advantage of their hand.

Only well-versed peasants have the unique abilities that permits the rapid and delicate harvest of products with minimal loss and bruising. Let's see how Isfahani farmers are making all-out-efforts to earn their livelihoods by working in the sun during the hottest time of day.

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