“In recent years, Iran's metropolises news agency has accelerated its growth path; In this sense, the extent of visits, the number of people who follow this news agency, and also its international recognition in the cities across the world are tokens of IMNA's promotion in Iran,” the Mayor of Isfahan said.

Iran (IMNA) - In the inauguration ceremony of IMNA's public photo exhibition entitled 'Take a look, Stay with Me', Ghodratollah Norouzi noted, "The pen (content of news) and the photo are closely related to each other. What we write, has the possibility to be criticized and interpreted differently in the context of history. Indeed, texts has always been and will be surrounded by different criticism and theories".

He went on to say that "Apropos of photo, the matter is completely different; a photo is an image of a scene captured by an artist and the further we get from the time of capturing, the greater will be the value of the photo."

"Photographers are the best able to convey the circumstances to the future. For instance, an exhibition entitled 'The Born in Independent Poland. Lahestaniha. The Children of Esfahan Back in Iran after 75 Years' came about a few years back in Isfahan that presented a fantastic collection of negatives that was taken from the studio of Abolqasem Jala. These photos were discovered half of a century after the end of the second World War which depicts the horror that the Poles endured while fleeing their war-ravaged country to Siberia and then to Isfahan. Indeed, a photo can portray what cannot be expressed through a text and that’s the miracle of the art of photography," he pointed out.

Norouzi, the mayor of Isfahan, praised Zahra Mohammadi, Editor-in-Chief of IMNA for her hard-working and tireless efforts and added, "IMNA has accelerated its growth path. As a matter of fact, five million annual visits have reached 25 million and the number of visitors reaches 9 million. Further, the mayors of cities around the world have acknowledged that they read the stories of Iran and the municipalities on IMNA. Appropriately, today IMNA is ranked among the top 300 national sites. "

First public photo exhibition of IMNA under the name of "Take a look, Stay with Me" is currently being afoot till July 29, 2020 (Wednesday).

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