"We should create a happy space with developed recreational capacities in Nazhvan in order to arrive to witness citizens and tourists' satisfaction," the deputy of urban services of Isfahan municipality said.

Isfahan (IMNA) – Saying that Nazhvan with an area of more than 1300 hectares is considered to be the respiratory lung of the city, Hossein Amiri said, "Preserving these 1300 hectares means maintaining the green space of this complex that is currently in critical condition due to the water shortage. The green space of Najvan forest park has an important role in preserving the people and citizens' health."

Pointing out that this year, the irrigation of the green space and trees of Nazhvan has been taken place by using 20 water tanks, he added, "Constructing water collector and installing water storage tanks for green spaces are among the programs of the urban services to protect the green space of this area."

"Currently, Nazhvan has been welcomed by Isfahani people and even domestic and foreign tourists; so, in order to develop and improve its tourism capacity, we should do our best," he said regarding tourism and recreational capacities of this park.

Referring to recreational places of Nazhvan such as bird garden, aquarium, health road, reptile garden, chairlift, amusement park, family boating, shells collection, butterflies garden, and etc., he said, "according to the recorded statistics, annually about 2,000,000 tourists visit the recreational complexes of Nazhvan park; this presence of people will increase the importance of paying attention to these recreational places."

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