Iranian President to Visit Saudi Arabia for OIC Meeting on Palestine

In a significant development, Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi is set to embark on an official visit to Saudi Arabia next Sunday. The Tehran-based Tasnim News Agency reported that President Raeisi will be attending the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) meeting on Palestine, which is scheduled to take place in Riyadh next week.

Iran (IMNA) - The OIC has called for an extraordinary Islamic summit in response to the brutal Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as the current Chair of the Islamic Summit, has extended the invitation to hold this crucial gathering on November 12, 2023, in Riyadh.

The Israeli regime's recent war on Gaza, triggered by the surprise Operation al-Aqsa Storm launched by Palestinian Resistance movements, has drawn international attention. The occupation entity's decades-long campaign of bloodshed and devastation against Palestinians has prompted widespread condemnation.

According to the Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza, the death toll from the incessant Israeli bombardment has reached a staggering 10,022 people. Shockingly, this number includes 4,104 children and 2,641 women, highlighting the devastating impact on innocent civilians. Furthermore, the ministry reported that over the past 31 days, the number of injured individuals has risen to 25,408.

Amidst the ongoing conflict, the Israeli regime has imposed severe restrictions on Gaza, depriving its residents of basic necessities such as water, electricity, medicines, and fuel. This has resulted in dire consequences, with 2.3 million Palestinians now at risk of starvation due to shortages of medical supplies and food.

The upcoming OIC meeting in Riyadh holds immense significance as leaders from across the Islamic world come together to address the grave situation in Palestine. President Raeisi's visit to Saudi Arabia underscores the commitment of Iran to finding a just and lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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