Iran strongly condemns baseless claims of UAE over Persian Gulf trio islands

The Iranian permanent mission to the United Nations has strongly rejected the claims made by the United Arab Emirates regarding the three Persian Gulf islands.

Iran (IMNA) -The permanent mission of Iran to the United Nations has rejected the unsubstantiated assertions made by the United Arab Emirates regarding the three islands in the Persian Gulf. These statements are deemed as a clear violation of international law and the principles outlined in the UN Charter. Iran strongly condemns such baseless claims, as they undermine its sovereignty and territorial integrity as a member of the United Nations. Furthermore, these assertions disregard the fundamental principle of good neighborliness and the imperative to uphold the territorial integrity of nations. In response to the recent comments by UAE's Minister of State for International Cooperation, Reem Al Hashimy, Iran reaffirms that it is not occupying the islands of Greater Tunb, Lesser Tunb, and Abu Musa. Iran remains committed to seeking a resolution through direct negotiations or resorting to the International Court of Justice, which has been its steadfast approach for many years.

The Iranian diplomatic mission expressed regret over the Emirati representatives' continuous repetition of baseless claims about the three Iranian islands in the Persian Gulf during the annual General Assembly session.

They emphasized that these islands have always been an integral part of Iranian territory and will continue to be so. Any assertion to the contrary is considered invalid.

The mission reiterated Iran's commitment to maintaining friendly relations with all neighboring countries, including the UAE. However, it firmly stated that Iran's sovereignty and territorial integrity over the three islands are non-negotiable.

Throughout history, numerous historical, legal, and geographical documents in Iran and other parts of the world provide evidence that these islands have always belonged to Iran. Despite this, the United Arab Emirates persistently asserts its claim over the islands.

In 1921, British control was established over the three islands. However, on November 30, 1971, Iran regained sovereignty over the islands as British forces departed the region, just two days prior to the UAE's official federation. It is acknowledged by Iran that the islands were ruled by Arabs for many centuries, but historical records indicate that they were governed as Iranian subjects from the Iranian port city of Lengheh.


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