Isfahan joined UCLG ASPAC Committee on BRLC

The city of Isfahan has joined the UCLG ASPAC Committee on the Belt and Road Local Cooperation. ‌‌‌‌‌‌‌

Iran (IMNA) - The municipality of Isfahan became a member of the BRLC within the framework of UCLG ASPAC, whose secretariat is permanently located in Hangzhou, to expand international relations and perform an active special presence in global forums.

The Secretariat in Hangzhou will play a crucial role in facilitating communication and coordination among member cities, ensuring the smooth implementation of collaborative projects.

Currently, this initiative has 87 member cities in countries spreading along the Silk Road that have an interest in fostering trade, commerce, and tourism and are spread across over twenty countries.

Isfahan was invited to join at the request of this international committee and became a member after Isfahan’s mayor signed the respective documents.

It should be mentioned that this committee also includes the Iranian cities of Ahvaz and Semnan in addition to Isfahan.

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