Environmental approval required for projects

Effective environmental permitting reduces the likelihood that a company's operations may affect the environment or people's health.

Iran (IMNA) -The concerned institutions are informed that it is forbidden to conduct any plan or project without first obtaining an environmental evaluation and permission.

The government currently in place has reiterated time and time again that environmental protection is its red line since it entered office two years ago.

The decision to halt the development of large, environmentally damaging petrochemical projects that had been approved by the previous administration serves as evidence for the assertion, according to IRNA.

Eco-friendly actions

President Ebrahim Raisi has emphasized the value of environmental conservation and stressed that environmental preservation comes before any growth.

According to him, environmental protection will result in increased power, security, investment, and output across the nation.

In order to effectively safeguard the environment, both individuals and NGOs must be given the opportunity to do so, he continued.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, announced general environmental policies on November 17, 2015, highlighting the importance of comprehensive, harmonious, and organized management of essential resources based on ecological capability and sustainability, particularly by enhancing capacities and appropriate legal and structural capabilities accompanied by public participation.

However, it appears that putting the policies into action hasn't achieved the desired results.

The head of the Department of Environment, Ali Salajeqeh, has stated that seven years later, the policies are still not being implemented satisfactorily.

The policies demand that a unified, national structure be put in place to address the environmental challenge.

The policies included preventing and prohibiting the circulation of all types of illegal pollutants, keeping track of environmental crimes, administering effective and preventive punishment to polluters and environmental destroyers, and compelling them to make amends for their actions. They also improved environmental conditions with the goal of assisting society in enjoying a healthy environment, administered justice, and observed intragenerational rights.

Other issues that the Leader urged officials to address included the continuous improvement and control of air, water, soil, and noise pollutants, destructive waves and rays, unfavorable climatic changes, and making it mandatory to observe environmental standards and criteria when implementing rules and regulations, development plans, and spatial planning.

Rouhollah Naqdipour, the secretary of the Department of Environment's strategic council, declared in December 2022 that a strategy for environmental protection had been created.

According to IRNA, for the five key environmental concerns, the paper offers 46 cross-sectoral initiatives and 13 national macro policies.

He said that the seven-chapter book makes recommendations for policies and changes to address environmental problems, especially the water crisis, in a logical and intentional manner.

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