Iran's nuclear program has survived 20 years of sabotage: AEOI head

Iran has advanced its nuclear technology, according to the president of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), despite two decades of industrial sabotage.

Iran (IMNA) -"The country's nuclear science, which serves as a propeller for all industries, has come by while much industrial sabotage was committed [to impede its advancement] over the last 20 years, " Mohammad Eslami stated on Tuesday.

"Assassination of [Iran's nuclear] scientists, sanctions, psychological operations, and recourse to international organizations towards the exertion of more pressure…none could impede the advancement of the country's nuclear science," he claimed.

Eslami recalled that Iran's adversaries "resorted to saber-rattling every day, saying they would attack the country's nuclear facilities."

But now, Iran has become a global leader in nuclear energy, and "they (the enemies) cannot tolerate this," he continued.

According to the Iranian nuclear leader, the adversary opposes the prosperity and peace of the Iranian people, so the country should instead take greater, quicker, and more comprehensive measures to support its further progress.

Eslami said that "today, by God's grace, we have attained all achievements in the field of nuclear technology," attributing the advancement to "ardor and round-the-clock endeavor."

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