Iran's natural gas output rose by 2% in 2022, according to OPEC

According to data from the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), Iran's natural gas output increased by 2% in 2022 despite the energy industry being subject to sanctions

Iran (IMNA) - Iran produced a total of 262.261 billion cubic meters (9.26 trillion cubic feet) of natural gas last year, up from the 257.119 bcm reported in 2021, according to OPEC figures published in a Sunday article by the IRIB News.

According to the data, Iran produced about 50 bcm more gas than China in 2022, making it the world's second-largest gas producer behind the United States and Russia.

Last year, US gas production increased 3.7% to 1.0015 trillion cubic feet, while Russian production fell 12.3% to 630.759 bcm.

As OPEC figures revealed, global gas output decreased by 0.1% last year compared to 2021.

According to the same data that also showed a 4.3% growth in domestic gas consumption in Iran from 2021 to 2022, natural gas exports from Iran climbed by 2% to 18.79 bcm in 2022.

In comparison to 2020, when the country experienced a rapid spike in domestic demand for heating and electricity generation, Iran's natural gas exports jumped by 59.9% in 2021.

In accordance with OPEC figures, natural gas imports into Iran stayed constant in 2022 at zero.

Despite US sanctions that limit Iran's access to international technology and investment, the country has been able to build its natural gas sector in recent years.

The Iranian Oil Ministry's most recent statistics reveal that the nation's daily gas output has surpassed 1 bcm.

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