Mashahd devotes particular attention to bicycle

Mashhad Municipality's Director General for Improvement of Urban Environment announced the construction of more than 49 kilometers of special cycling routes along the parks and green spaces of this metropolis.

Iran (IMNA) - "Urban parks are always considered as one of the most important recreation areas in metropolitan areas providing intrinsic environmental benefits to our cities; different walks of life at any age, flock to public parks using facilities including interactive and movable fitness equipment," Seyed Ali Akbar Entezam said.

He continued, "In recent years, cycling has become one of the most popular activities among citizens, and studies show that many families prefer to cycle in urban parks rather than bike paths in streets as they provide safer conditions. "

Mashhad Municipality's Director General for Improvement of Urban Environment noted, "more than 49 km of bicycle paths have been constructed in city parks pursuant to the Municipality's detailed development plan."

Mashahd devote particular attention to bicycle

He pointed out, "paying special attention to the needs of women in urban parks has led to the construction of more than eight kilometers of women's cycling tracks in 13 municipal areas. "

Many Iranian cities are exploring ways to decrease congestion while also improving the environment; turning to the bicycle-centered approach is one of the possible solutions.

Having enormous benefits for health, improving traffic flow, boosting air quality, and enhancing road safety and equity, cycling and walking are recognized as the cleanest ways to move around a city.

Mega cities like Isfahan and Mashhad are blazing the trail in encouraging walking and cycling, especially during the Coronavirus pandemic.

To make cycling more attractive option for getting around the cities, officials must focus on safety by implementing high standard bike paths.

Promoting cycling culture is a robust measure for building sustainable, healthy, and equitable cities.

Mashahd devote particular attention to bicycle

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