Isfahan backed creative young people up

The Mayor of Isfahan expressed his hope that the city would turn to be the main headquarter for risk-taking investment companies and entrepreneurs, so that skilled young people who do not have sufficient capital could practice their activities with a small amount of capital at the disposal of the municipality.

Iran (IMNA) - Emphasizing on supporting knowledge-based enterprises, Ghodratollah Norouzi said, "Every creative and innovative young person, who has scientific knowledge, but does not have enough capital, should be aware that Isfahan Municipality has allocated a budget for the purpose of suppoting."

Norouzi continued, "Creative youth can refer to Isfahan Municipality's Center for Creativity and Innovation and receive all the necessary information in this regard."

Saying that lifetime free credit cards have been provided to citizens with disabilities, the mayor of Isfahan pointed out, "having this card, the disabled will be able to use two free bus travels per day, and enjoy 30 to 50 percent discounts of the city's entertainment centers, including Isfahan Dreamland Commercial Center and Najhvan forest park."

Referring to the measures taken by the municipality's department for international affairs Norouzi said, "We are trying to shift the focus of decision-making from the office to creative walks of life, academics, sports clubs and Iranians living abroad; so, we have put the citizen-diplomat plan forward so that Iranians can transfer their experiences for further development."

He emphasized, "The citizen diplomat project intends to invite all Iranians living in foreign cities to share their experiences in the field of urban development according to their specialties."

"So far, the municipality of Isfahan has received 200 projects from all over the world and inside the country, many of which pave the way for urban development and further progress," The mayor of Isfahan ended.

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