Isfahan, St. Petersburg boosting Iran, Russia relations

Saying that the lack of a common language between Iran and Russia is an important issue, the Iranian ambassador to Russia Kazem Jalali noted, "There are many television stations broadcasting from Iran in languages other than Farsi; however, there is not any Russian-language television channels owned by the state-run Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, while Russian is the native language of 100 million people and stands as the second language for 500 million individuals across the world."

Iran (IMNA) - "There is not any Persian - language TV station in Russian networks and as a result, the collective knowledge of both nations is at a low level, hence the measures taken by the University of Isfahan and the Municipality of Isfahan to foster the sister city relations represent the significance of activities in this regard."

He emphasized, "The expansion of academic relations leads to reciprocal recognition of the two nations; also the elites of the two countries can play an effective role in developing relations."

Noting that the relationship between the municipalities of Isfahan and St. Petersburg will improve the cooperation and relations between the two nations, the Iranian ambassador to Russia added, "One of the serious challenges in bringing the two nations together is that both countries have not produced any content in Persian and Russian languages; however, there is knowledge about Isfahan and other Iranian cities in St. Petersburg and Russia."

"Conducting Isfahan and St. Petersburg joint Scientific and Cultural Festivals are examples of extensive interactions respecting the cultural and humanitarian areas," the Russian consul general in Isfahan Mr. Boris Burmistrov said.

"Such events are recognized as important platforms in promoting Russian-Iranian cooperation in compliance with the agreement between the leaders of two countries. Beneficial cooperation and expansion of courses on teaching Farsi and Russian languages are of special importance," Burmistrov ended.

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