Citizen Diplomat gained full support from Isfahan municipality

Addressing the Citizen Diplomat project, the mayor of Isfahan Ghodratollah Norouzi said, "this initiative intends to invite all Isfahani and Iranian citizens living in foreign cities to proffer their plans and experiences in the field of urban development consistent with their specialties."

Iran (IMNA) - In a combined session with the consul general of the Russian Federation in Isfahan,Mr. Boris Burmistrov, the Mayor of Isfahan noted, “Necessary conversations have been conducted in this regard; so far, 200 projects have been received by the Municipality of Isfahan from all over the world, many of which will pave the way for urban development. Academics also can share their ideas against the backdrop of this initiative, which will be very worthwhile to the general welfare of citizens and development of the city. "

He continued, in a joint meeting with the governor of the St. Petersburg and the members of its City Council, beneficial agreements were inked in various fields and decision was made to conclude a document termed "Determination of Interaction” which was drawn up in the presence of all relevant officials in the province and has been delivered to St. Petersburg to be reviewed, then get signed. "

Stating that the roadmap for a three-year cooperation between Isfahan and St. Petersburg paves the way for the development of relations, Norouzi continued, "All related bodies can cooperate in the future on the ground of this document, and of course, universities will be at the forefront. "

Adding that sister cities are not confined to municipalities, he said, “In line with the Citizen Diplomat project, we tried to make the municipality to act as a facilitator agent for those who have the capacity to interact with other countries.”

Emphasizing that the University of Isfahan has been at the leading-edge front in communicating with Isfahan's twin cities, especially St. Petersburg, , the mayor of Isfahan said, “Given the achievements of the Municipality of Isfahan over the past four years, the administrative board has been committed to support all related bodies, and the initiative of Citizen Diplomat has gained full support from the municipality in this respect.”

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