Isfahan's achievements in urban diplomacy

Referring to the achievements of urban diplomacy in Isfahan, Ghodratollah Norouzi said, "last year, Isfahan joined two global networks of Learning Cities and World Smart Sustainable Cities Organization (WeGO). The global city of Isfahan is also now being prepared to ink the twining agreements with India’s Hyderabad and the city of Samarkand in Uzbekistan."

Iran (IMNA) -“The draft and the initial dialogue to make a state relationship with the city of "Porto" in Portugal have been arranged; the relevant agreement will be signed after taking the required steps,” Norouzi stated.

Emphasizing that in the modern-day world, cities should have a wide range of relationship with each other, he noted, "Currently, Coronavirus is the greatest threat to all human beings. At the time that Isfahan was succumbed by the Coronavirus pandemic, a humanitarian healthcare cargo was dispatched to the city by China's Xi'an, which showed sympathy and the cooperation between nations. Furthermore, the mayor of Freiburg sent two consignments of medical supplies to Isfahan.”

The mayor of Isfahan continued, “talks were held with the mayor of Florence, as a result of which some agreements were conducted. The experiences of the two cities on tram systems were also shared, including the fact that the mayor of Florence considered the construction of a tramline to be the best transportation solution, and that the municipality of Isfahan has made many efforts in this regard.”

Ghodratollah Norouzi added, "In a conversation with the mayor of Florence, subjects on tourism and handicrafts were addressed, and the necessary agreement was reached to hold an online festival. We also arranged two exhibitions with the city of St. Petersburg, which brought us many achievements.”

Reffering to the joint events between sister cities, he went on to say that, "Isfahan/ Xi'an co - production is in the initial stage. The joint event of Isfahan and St. Petersburg universities was held as a result of mutual communication. Last year, two exhibitions were taken place in China's Shanghai and Nanjing under the direction of Isfahan Municipality to strengthen the handicrafts sector.”

He emphasized, “The citizen-diplomat plan was praised by the the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.The municipality of Isfahan managed to invite commited Isfahani students, teachers, athletes, artists, business people, humanitarians, adventurers and cultural activists living in sister cities to share their experiences on urban challenges. "

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