Isfahan, Yerevan to leverage tight bonds to growth

"Yerevan and Isfahan are twin cities with a long-standing relationship; we should leverage our tight bonds in the best interests of growth and prosperity of the two cities," The mayor of Isfahan said.

Iran (IMNA) - "Some segments of the population in Isfahan are Armenians. The management board relationship with the Armenian Caliphate Council of Isfahan breeds congeniality," Godratollah Norouzi noted in an online interview with the Iranian ambassador to Yerevan.

He emphasized, "The families of Christian martyrs in Isfahan are dear to us. Furthrmore, Isfahan's Armenian neighborhood holds a considerable potential in tourism for having many attractions."

Norouzi went on to say that, "There has been the Center for Armenian Studies in the University of Isfahan since 1961 where Armenian elites play a significant great role in educational system."

" Issy-les-Moulineaux, a commune in the southwestern suburban area of Paris where Armenians make up about 10% of its population, and the Armenian quarter of New Julfa in Isfahan have been turned into twin neighbourhods based on a mutual agreement," The mayor of Isfahan stated.

"We have provided enough context to build better relationship with Armenians. Also, given the capacities that exist in Armenia, we can strengthen the current interactions so that the Armenians can take advantages of the capacities in Isfahan more than before, " Norouzi said.

Norouzi pointed out, " While being a member of 10 international city networks, Isfahan with its historical background and heritage, holds the title of "Global city". It has also conducted sister city relationships with 13 cities across the world."

He continued, "In addition, Isfahan is a member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network and has recently received the UNICEF Child - Friendly City Candidate Award."

"Seven to eight thousand Armenians are now living in Isfahan; therefore, it is important to establish a strong bridge between the two Armenian communities; In the meantime, the Armenian Caliphate Council can also play an important role in official communications. By making more use of the capacities of the embassy, the new opportunities will be created, " The mayor of Isfahan said.

Norouzi also referred to the Diplomat Citizen project and ended, "Such idea is a new initiative in its own kind that is pursued with the participation of the citizens; this program has been also welcomed in other countries as well."

Isfahan, Yerevan to leverage their tightness to growth

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