Most countries congratulate President Elect Joe Biden

In a digital world where messages can be sent in an instant, it's been interesting to note just who sent their messages of congratulations to President Elect Joe Biden, and who didn't. For many world leaders, the congratulatory message was sent in a timely manner, but not others. Many questioned the rationale behind the delay.

Iran (IMNA) - One country which has clarified where it stands from the start is the Islamic Republic of Iran, which from the offset has stated that the eventual outcome would not change Iranian foreign policy, but one message that did slip through is the Iranian president's thoughts as to the so called JCPOA and the potential of the US returning to the negotiating table.

With the JCPOA ratified by the United Nations, the deal has been written into law; President Rouhani of Iran has warned that the Americans must learn from the mistakes of their past and stressed that Washington should use the election of Joe Biden as president as an opportunity to follow a legal and legitimate path back to its international commitments.

Reactions to Biden presidency

Israel uses scaremongering tactics

But for one of the United States closest allies it seems that the arrival of Joe Biden as president could spell a huge change in policy with the Israeli regime quickly stating that Biden being able to re enter the deal with Iran would be no easy feat. Is this just Israel “scaremongering” Biden into avoiding building closer ties with Iran, which will ultimately alienate the Netanyahu and Tel Aviv regime?

In fact, so worried is the Israeli regime that one Knesset lawmaker has stated that Biden's likely policies with Iran could lead to the Israeli regime entering a physical conflict with Iran over the notion of nuclear issues.

Budget assignment for education awaits Netanyahu-Gantz consensus

US may rejoin JCPOA

However, Iran has always stated that any nuclear programme that it pursues is solely intended for civilian purposes. But with West Asia being so full of fallout left behind by the Trump government, how then will Joe Biden approach the area when he comes into office, and will US foreign policy under Biden truly be designed to bridge the gaps haphazardly created by Trump?

Much as the Israeli regime has realized that the election of Joe Biden will be a game changer for Tel Aviv, It seems that the UK also realises that the United States may well consider a very different relationship with Britain. Once Biden comes into office Britain may no longer be involved in any sort of special relationship with the USA.

Dr. Kevin Barrett: Iran is a winner in American presidential election

‌‌Joe Biden has already warned Britain that it will be placed at the back of the queue when it comes to the job list that he's set up already; Biden has to somehow reunite the people of his own country before worrying about a dividing Europe, meaning that Britain may find itself in trouble come January.

Could the election of Biden spell bad news for Boris?

With Boris Johnson already struggling to secure a deal with the EU, and now facing the prospect of having nothing to grasp onto in the US.

Biden is already fuming at the so called internal market bill, which could upset the Good Friday Agreement, a topic close to the heart of the Catholic and Irish descendant President Elect Joe Biden, but Johnson's already starting to suffer defeats at home, as the House of Lords have already waved away his internal market bill, much to his embarrassment.

Britain could become very isolated

It seems that the British have also fallen on bad times with the Brexit deal so far failing and Biden unlikely to prop up the blundering mistakes of Boris Johnson, which could leave the British very much isolated and very much in economic and political pain, but with many nations around the world planning and preparing for a post Trump era, and promises of a new start with Joe Biden, is it simply just too soon to decide, just how each nation wishes to interact with the US, reminding us all, not to count our chickens, before they hatch?

Iranian leader says whoever wins the White House will not affect Iran policy

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