Implementation of 777 km cycling routes in Isfahan

"With the approval of Isfahan's Traffic Council, 777 km of safe and standard cycling routes will be established in Isfahan. This implementation would help active transportation, reduce traffic volume and related air pollutant emissions as well," Qodratollah Norouzi, the Mayor of Isfahan said.

Iran (IMNA) - "According to the predetermined plans, long-distance bicycle routes will be implemented by the end of this year. Regarding smooth transportation, reduction of traffic congestion and also air pollution, this project would be considered as an effective solution for people's health during the pandemic crisis," the Mayor of Isfahan pointed out.

Concerning the establishment of the long-distance bicycle routes in all areas of Isfahan, Norouzi added, "the Deputy of Transportation and Traffic of Isfahan Municipality has identified the accessible routes, and experts are involved in designing them. After completing the notification, the mayors of 15 districts will execute the action plan."

"55 kilometers of the new bicycle routes will be implemented with marking and traffic signs on the right side of the street on which stopping, standing or parking is prohibited. 33 kilometers of these routes will be constructed along the pavements with markings and 30 kilometers on special bus routes," he added.

"So far, 42 kilometers of bike lanes have been constructed in Isfahan. In fact, this project needs to be improved for standardization. We hope that these proceedings bring a great change in the city," the Mayor of Isfahan said.

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