Isfahan to promote tourism industry in desert areas

Deserts are useful Eco-tools to promote tourism industry due to their unique geological features; however, preserving these great heritages against the various impacts that tourism may generate requires global attention.

Iran (IMNA) - Deserts offer a wide variety of possible experiences and unique landscapes to the adventurous people who want to discover new horizons. Deserts are increasingly attracting tourists from all nations specially, western countries, where the barren areas are less than other parts of the world.

"The Private-sector, government and university interactions should include measures to prevent desertification and increase desert greening activities, then bring promotion of tourism industry in the desert regions of Isfahan province," Reza Jafari, a faculty member of Department of Natural Resources College at Isfahan University of Technology said.

He continued that investing in the private sector, interacting with relevant agencies and universities will lead to optimal use of new technologies such as aerial photography drones and subsequently, promotion of tourism industry in the desert regions.

Referring to the impacts of water scarcity crisis and destruction of rangelands and forests in accelerating desertification in non-desert areas of Isfahan, Jafari noted, "mismanagement of water resources, ignoring the water right of east Isfahan and the lack of water in Gavkhuni wetland and also water consumption in various industries are the major causes of the desertification speeding up in the province."

According to the available statistics, deserts cover 20 percent of the country's area; however, the figure reaches to 30 percent in Isfahan province. Naeen homes the major desert areas of the Province.

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