Chinese tourists golden opportunities for Iran's tourism market

China is the world's largest tourism market; Iran is now seeking to increase its share in this booming market.

Iran (IMNA) - Recent official decisions, including Iran's visa waiver for Chinese tourists, show that the country has initiated a long-term program to attract more Chinese tourists. Iran now welcomes nearly 100,000 Chinese tourists per year, and regarding the large and powerful rivals in the market, Iran's tourism industry may face many challenges.

Persian handicrafts are always known as an international brand in the world. Iran, thanks to its handicrafts, has been able to obtain various world titles in this regard; in the similar way, Isfahan is recognized as the creative city and the largest global city of handicrafts.

A large part of the world's handicrafts is produced in Iran, and this market is a brilliant opportunity to attract tourists. Chinese are the golden tourists that we should take advantage from their presence because they are eager to buy Iranian souvenirs and handicrafts.

Pointing to the fascinating sector of Iran's tourism industry from the Chinese points of view, Majid Moztarzade, an Iranian economic activist in China said, "Iranian handicrafts are very attractive to Chinese people and they are very fond of Persian Carpets, Saffron and Termeh that is a type of Iranian handwoven cloth."

It is interesting to know that Chinese are less exposed to the negative propaganda in media against Iran than the rest of the world.

Research has shown that the Chinese are more likely to travel based on the tips from their friends, so the more the Chinese tourists come to Iran, the more cultural ambassadors, Iran will have.

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