Keeyow; sole natural urban lake in Iran

The wonderful Keeyow Lake is located in the northwest of Khorramabad, in Lorestan province. It is the only natural urban lake in Iran; Keeyou means dark blue.

Iran (IMNA) – The Keeyow Lake was started to be constructed in 1973. The area of the lake is about 7 hectares and its depth varies between three to seven meters. The water of the lake comes from the natural supplies in Makhmal Kooh Mountain, Golestan spring and also the water sources at the bottom of the lake itself.

This lake is a seasonal one as it is almost dry in fall, and therefore the water of the permanent Golestan spring which is located under the Falak-ol-Aflak castle is transferred into this lake in order to make it permanent.

Due to the special characteristics of this lake, it has been turned into a very attractive tourist destination in Khorramabad. Keeyow Lake is the natural home of many different kinds of aquatic animals and migratory wild bird and native birds. There are recreational facilities and an amusement park in this site. All natural beauties around the lake catch everybody's eyesin one glance.

The Keeyow Lake is more than only a seasonal lake as it is tied to the history, culture, and the vitality of the city. For people living in Khorramabad, the value and importance of the lake is like the ZayandehRood River for Isfahani people.

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