Holding big bike gathering to achieve clean air

Announcing the holding of a large bike gathering, the manager of clean transportation development of Isfahan municipality said, "This gathering will be held in Isfahan, on January 20."

Iran (IMNA) – "The path of this gathering has been predicted to start from Imam Hossein square and end to Najvan forest park. The slogan of this gathering is "say no to private cars"  and "creating a healthy and pleasant environment," Mohammad Poor Abu-Taleb said.

Pointing to developing the clean transportation as the purpose of this gathering, he continued, "to honor the Clean Air Day, officials should use bicycles and public transportation to better understand the pleasure in using bikes and bring health for the society and their own city."

"The culture of using bikes should be internalized among citizens; of course, people don’t welcome using bikes these days due to the cold weather, since providing gloves and hats for cyclists in bike stations is not possible, and buying these items costs money for citizens," he noted.

"Isfahan municipality has allocated a specific budget to strengthen and create special paths, and also providing bicycle locks for the next year," he also said.

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