Deterioration of agricultural situation including soil erosion and drought has increased the importance of taking into consideration cross-border cultivation in Iran.

Head of the agriculture, water, and environment commission at the Isfahan Chamber of Commerce, Hamidreza Ghalamkari, made the remarks, adding food security is the prerequisite for achieving social security, and political-economic independenc. 

Speaking at a meeting focused on Iran- Ukraine cross-border cultivation and the prevention of expanding gardens in steep lands, Ghalamkari noted: Iran has not reached a good understanding of cross-border cultivation and despite inking a number of memorandum of understandings with countries like Sierra Leone, cross-border cultivation has not been seriously taking into account.  

Stating that more than 85% of Iran's lands are located in deserts and dry and semi-dry climate, the Isfahan Chamber Of Commerce official said that the country is dependent on imports in view of four strategic products including wheat, corn, rice and barely, a problem that could be tackled easily by turning to cross-border cultivation.

 “with regard to the importance of the issue, the Isfahan Chamber Of Commerce, at the beginning of its 8th edition, decided to create a commercial and cross-border committee in order to deal with the issue in a serious manner and pave the way for cross-border cultivation”, he noted.

According to him, in this regard, the commission has held a number of fruitful meetings with Ukrainian ambassador in Iran, Kiev Chamber of Commerce and law consultation companies of the country.

The meeting will soon result in the membership of Ukraine in the European Union to improve the current conditions.    

High level of productivity in Ukraine is one of the most important characteristics of considering Ukraine as a destination for cross-border cultivation”, Ghalamkari said".

He concluded: we have conducted a thorough study regarding cross-cultivation in Ukraine with very useful information about the matter, ready for introducing it to investors who are willing to grasp the opportunity.


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