World Handicrafts Day

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  • Iran global handicraft power

    Iran global handicraft power

    The handicraft sector provides employment opportunities for young artists and promotes the economic development in targeted societies.

  • Isfahan; Cradle of Arts

    Isfahan; Cradle of Arts

    There are many types of crafts and traditional arts in Isfahan; some of them are developing day-by- day but some of them are going to be forgotten. It seems that foreigners are more willing to buy the original Iranian art works; however, Iranians prefer to buy the fake one which are often the Chinese one. On the occasion of the World Handicrafts Day, let's discover the world of beauties in Isfahan!

  • Importance of handicrafts underscored

    :Cultural Heritage Desk

    Importance of handicrafts underscored

    June 10 is observed as World Handicrafts Day. Handicrafts embody the spirit of nations and various generations of a land. They can introduce the culture of a country.