Thousands of polling stations across Iran opened on Friday morning at 8 o'clock at the order of the Minister of Interior, Ahmed Vahidi to elect the members of the 12th round of the Iranian Parliament and the 6th round of the Assembly of Experts.

Iran (IMNA) - Over 61 million people across the country are eligible to vote, showcasing a strong participation of the Iranian population in the democratic process.

Voters are taking part in the parliamentary elections to choose 290 members of the legislative body from over 15,000 candidates. Elected members will serve for a term of four years in the parliament, influencing the direction and policies of the country.

In another election being held simultaneously, participants are voting for 88 members of the Assembly of Experts, a deliberative body elected for eight years which is tasked with choosing the leader of the Islamic Republic.

The energetic and passionate presence of Iranians in this year's parliamentary election highlights the importance of civic engagement and the desire for representative democracy in Iran.

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