In a somber display of solidarity, Iranians gathered in Kerman to bid farewell to the victims of twin terrorist bombings.

Iran (IMNA) - The mass funeral, attended by thousands of people and prominent Iranian officials, including President Ebrahim Raeisi, took place in the southern city.

The deadly attack, which claimed the lives of at least 84 people and left 285 others injured, occurred during a ceremony honoring the late General Qassem Soleimani. The event marked the fourth anniversary of his assassination by the United States. In the face of this tragedy, a top Iranian military commander pledged to relentlessly pursue the terrorists responsible for the attack, vowing to bring them to justice no matter where they may be hiding.

Nationwide Rallies Denounce Terrorism as IRGC Vows Justice for Kerman Attack

In a show of solidarity, cities across the country joined Kerman in denouncing the recent terrorist attack, following Friday prayers. The gatherings saw passionate chants against the US and the Israeli regime, while unequivocally condemning terrorism and its supporters.

During the ceremony held in Kerman, Major General Hossein Salami, chief commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), addressed the crowd. He assured that the identities of the perpetrators behind the bombing attack in the southeastern Iranian city would be uncovered, and they would face justice, no matter where they may be.

IRGC Chief Salami Declares Defeat of Daesh, Accuses Them of Acting as Agents for America and Zionism

In a recent statement, the Chief of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), General Salami, highlighted the defeat of Daesh as a result of the US policy in the Islamic world. He emphasized that the terrorist group aimed to establish a caliphate but was unable to do so due to the sacrifices made by General Soleimani.

According to Salami, Daesh has completely vanished from the political map of the world and is now lost and insignificant. He referred to them as being "lodged in the kennels," indicating their diminished existence.

Salami also accused Daesh of acting as mere agents and mercenaries for America and Zionism. He challenged them to engage in direct combat instead of targeting defenseless women and children.

The remarks by the IRGC chief shed light on the significant role played by General Soleimani and the defeat of Daesh, while also expressing criticism towards the actions of the terrorist group.

Iran's Revolutionary Guard Commander Stresses Defiance in the Face of Adversity

In a powerful statement, Salami, the commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guard, emphasized that recent crimes committed against the nation are indicative of the significant setbacks suffered by global arrogance and its allies both regionally and internally.

Highlighting the unwavering support shown by the masses during the funeral of General Soleimani, despite the bombing attacks, Salami declared, "We are a nation that refuses to submit to the enemy through martyrdom. We have heard the order from our Leader, and we remain steadfast in fulfilling it."

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