In a global show of solidarity, millions of Muslims took to the streets to express their outrage over the Israeli regime's brutal actions against the Palestinian people. The Gaza Strip has been relentlessly bombarded by thousands of bombs, while the entire area remains under a suffocating siege.

Iran (IMNA) - Protests erupted on Friday in numerous countries, including Iran, Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon, and Jordan, with more demonstrations expected throughout the day. These rallies were organized in response to the call made by the Hamas resistance movement, urging people to rally in support of Palestine.

In Iran, tens of thousands of individuals joined nationwide marches, passionately chanting slogans in solidarity with Palestinians and condemning both the United States and the apartheid regime in Tel Aviv. Demonstrators proudly carried pro-Palestine banners, with some prominent Iranian political figures also participating in the protests.

Iran's Islamic Propagation Organization issued a statement on Friday, hailing the intricate and heroic "Operation al-Aqsa Storm" as a significant blow to the temporary and crumbling Zionist regime. This operation, according to the organization, will be forever etched in history as an irreparable failure of intelligence and military tactics for the usurping Israeli regime, while simultaneously marking a monumental victory for the resistance front.

During a gathering in Rostam County, Fars Province, Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi criticized the Western support for Israeli actions, referring to them as "Israeli crimes." He emphasized that countries supporting the Zionist regime are complicit in these crimes. President Raeisi stated that the legitimate demands and resistance of the Palestinian people will not be silenced by such acts. He further expressed that the people of Palestine have endured enough suffering. Addressing the Western supporters of the regime, particularly the US, he made it clear that the issue of Palestine cannot be resolved by simply destroying Gaza. He asserted that both the Palestinian people and the international community will hold them accountable, as defending Palestine is considered their duty.

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