Snail breeding, commonly referred to as heliciculture or snail rearing, is the practice of farming snails for human consumption. Another name for snail farming is "highly lucrative, low-risk farming." The farmed snails can be consumed, used in cosmetics, or fed to reptiles as food. Escargot shells can be traded for home decor.

Iran (IMNA) - Some sources assert that the practice of cultivating snails dates back to the Roman era, although there is no verified evidence to support this claim other than the discovery of snail shell piles in ancient archaeological sites. However, since heliculture is definitely a Roman name, the connection to the Romans may help explain why snail raising is given that name.

The advantage of raising snails at home is that you can do so on a modest scale. The farming method is simple and easy to use, and the amount of space needed for rearing can range from stacking a few old tires together with huge baskets or large clay pots to constructing a tiny outside hut that is no more than 25 square feet (2.4 square meters). Your available space and whether you are raising snails for personal use or for sale will always determine how big your farm will be.

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