Every year on August 8, the National Day of Journalists is celebrated in Iran, honoring the memory of those journalists who lost their lives while carrying out their jobs.

Iran(IMNA) - Journalists act as the public's eyes and ears and are responsible for giving people reliable information, holding those in authority accountable, and fostering a functioning democracy. It helps to uncover the truth, provide a platform for diverse voices, and create a more informed and engaged society. Therefore, it is crucial to designate a day to honor their all-out effort for public awareness. The lives of journalists are in danger all across the world, some are targeted and killed on purpose, while others lose their lives in accidents like bomb blasts.

We all have the chance on Journalist Day to express our gratitude for the incredible efforts that journalists perform. On Journalist Day, we all get the opportunity to express our appreciation for the fantastic work that journalists do. By expressing our gratitude for their dedication to providing us with news each and every day, let's make journalists day. Happy Journalist Day, everyone.

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