One of the most well-liked figures among Iranian children, teenagers, and even adults of all generations is Majid, the protagonist of The Tales of Majid. He is a smart, high-spirited, and self-made young man whose stories are based on the author's personal experience.

Iran (IMNA) - This anthology of short stories has a psychological, social, and moral backgrounds. It is one of the most enduring Iranian tales due to its charming and hilarious style, as well as the slang and proverbs utilized. The book makes an effort to convey the social issues and challenges facing the underprivileged.

There is no set age range for this book's audience since it effectively bridged the generational divide, established a fitting mood, and employed a first-person narrator.

Three of Kiumars Pourahmad's works, which rank among the most well-liked Iranian films and television shows, were based on this novel. A radio broadcast was also made for this collection of stories.

What is the story telling us?

A young boy named Majid stands out among his peers. He enjoys writing poems and short tales and aspires to be a writer when he grows up. He excels in the writing class but is not strong at arithmetic. Majid's parents passed away, and he now lives with his grandma. His grandma knits to make ends meet for Majid and herself. Inevitably, a sizable percentage of this money is spent on purchasing and renting books. Majid has self-confidence and is an independent guy who becomes a self-made lad, and this makes him an appealing character despite the flaws in his life. He enjoys performing, movies, and the cinema, and he encounters new challenges in each tale.

The most iconic scenes of Majid tales occurred in a nostalgic house, and now the location is open to the public to dust off memories.

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