"Being a historical city with civilization and culture, Isfahan has always been interested in communication with different cities of the world. In this regard, we have sister city relations and cultural relations with 15 cities around the world," Ali Ghasemzadeh stated during a meeting with Jesper Vahr, the Danish ambassador.

Iran (IMNA) - "If Denmark is interested, we are prepared to sign a sister city agreement with one of its cities because communication at the level of public diplomacy offers the possibility that, regardless of the official processes, we can establish the ground for communication and relations and the swap of artists, businessmen, and scientific figures. He added that Germany and Spain are among the countries whose cities are recognized as the sister cities of Isfahan, " the mayor of Isfahan said.

He pointed out, "The Danish ambassador, with his knowledge of the cities of his country, can introduce a city whose features are the same as Isfahan and is historically, culturally, and naturally close to Isfahan for being sister cities, so that the preparations for concluding the sister cities agreement would be provided. "

Ghasemzadeh noted that throughout history, Isfahan has been a city of cohabitation for numerous religions and ethnic groups, and that Christianity, Jews, Zoroastrianism, and Muslims merged peacefully. It has served as the country's capital for multiple dynasties and is a city with warm, pleasant, and engaged people.

In response to the Danish ambassador's suggestions for cultural and economic relations and interactions with the city of Isfahan, he stated, "Each of the communication areas raised in this meeting can be the starting point of Isfahan's interaction and communication with Denmark; of course, there should be a documented plan for each of them. As the mayor of Isfahan, I am ready to lay the groundwork for these exchanges and communications. "

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