We are attempting to create one of the best linkages between these two sister cities in the new period of urban management because Isfahan can interact with Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia in the commercial, scientific, intellectual, artistic, and economic spheres.

Iran (IMNA) - Kuala Lumpur was one of the initial sister cities of Isfahan, according to Ali Ghasimzadeh, who made the statement today at a meeting with the Malaysian ambassador, adding that this sister city relationship has a more than 26-year history.

He said that over the past 26 years, there have been many ups and downs in the relationships between Isfahan and Kuala Lumpur, sometimes reaching their peak and other times coming to an end. He continued, "We hope that during the presence of the new mayor of Kuala Lumpur and also the new ambassador of Malaysia in Iran, the relationships between Isfahan and Kuala Lumpur will return to the peak of the past years."

Ghasemzadeh noted, "One of the existing capacities in Isfahan that can be further strengthened in interaction through interaction with Malaysia is the international exhibition space, so plans can be organized to hold an exhibition in Isfahan to introduce Malaysia's capacities and vice versa, an exhibition in Kuala Lumpur to showcase the city's capacities."

In the shadow of holding exhibitions, new capacities such as cultural events and tourism tours will be formed with the aim of enhancing relations and communication, so we hope that today's meeting will be a starting point in the new era of connection between Isfahan and Kuala Lumpur, because there are many reasons for joint action between these two sister cities," the mayor of Isfahan stated.

Ghasemzade made a reference to the religious and cultural similarities between Isfahan and Kuala Lumpur and highlighted, "If we share experiences, the quality of life of the residents of Kuala Lumpur and Isfahan would certainly be improved."

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