"We regard the joint attendance of diplomats from various countries, Iran's academics, elites, and noble people as a favorable omen. Achieving important objectives like promoting world peace and stability and finding solutions to issues requires two-way communication between academics and scientists as well as between politicians and diplomats," Isfahan University's president said at the opening ceremony of the First International Congress of Nations Diplomacy.

I‌‌‌‌‌‌‌ran (IMNA) -"Many nations, particularly those in our region, have suffered negative effects as a result of poor communication between various organizations. Academicians are required to contribute to the understanding of local and global concerns, conduct scientific analyses of the causes and origins of these challenges, and offer recommendations for how to address them, " Isfahan University's president ,Hossein Harsij, said.

Politicians and diplomats should refrain from offering sweeping solutions to issues, the president of Isfahan University stated. Because there is no relationship between the two [academics and politicians], we are experiencing a number of problems, such as the environmental crisis and international and regional conflicts, and the present remedies have not brought about peace. They should take the expertise of the academic and scientific elites into account when forming policies.

Isfahan is a special city in the country in terms of enormous capacities and potential, according to Harsij, who continued, “The magnitude of the universities in Isfahan has not been found in any province of the country where huge, excellent institutions are not located adjacent to one another.

He explained that Isfahan is renowned throughout much of the globe and is regarded as the cultural and civilizational capital of Iran since it was instrumental in preserving and advancing Islamic culture and civilization. We can think of methods to assist the region and the rest of the globe because Isfahan has so much potential, including its academic, industrial, and scientific hubs as well as its historical, cultural, and civilizational structures.

Isfahan University's president stated, "We are prepared to begin the process of scientific diplomacy in order to strengthen peace and sustainable development with the cooperation of academics. In this regard, Professor-Student Exchange and other scientific activities should play a role in strengthening scientific, cultural, and civilizational exchanges so that we can witness the development and strengthening of social and cultural relations."

The Scientific and Cultural Secretary of the first international congress of nations diplomacy, Sayyed Amir-masoud Shahramnia said, "In order to expand the diplomacy of nations, all the capacities of the countries, including scientific, artistic and cultural capacities, should be utilized and public diplomacy should be established."

Isfahan is hosting diplomats and ambassadors from Austria, Poland, Croatia, Malaysia, Tajikistan, Romania, Russia, South Korea, Bolivia, Venezuela, the Philippin es, and Finland at this two-day congress.

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