Isfahan Mayor Ali Ghasemzadeh has conferred with his Najaf counterpart Udai Abdosaheb Tadweer Al Khaledi over a sister agreement between their historical cemeteries, where thousands of prominent figures have been laid to rest.

Iran (IMNA) - Ghasemzadeh said on Wednesday that Isfahan and Najaf share strong religious and cultural affinities that lay the ground for stepped-up relations.

“What causes Isfahan to compare itself with Najaf is the presence of sincere Shia people and enthusiasts of Iman Ali (AS) in this city. It makes us determined to deepen mutual relations.”

Al Khaledi also touched upon historical connections between Isfahan and Najaf, adding: “We are here to finalize preparations for inking a sister agreement between the Takht-e Foulad and Wadi-al-Salaam cemeteries.”

Moreover, Ebrahim Fuladi, who presides over Takht-e Foulad Cemetery, as a historical, cultural, and religious complex, talked about the sister agreement and defined it as “an international capacity” to promote spiritual tourism.

“Covering 75 hectares in area, Takht-e Foulad is the second largest cemetery in the Shia world. Many notables and famous scholars have been buried in this cemetery,” Fuladi said.

Iran’s Isfahan and Iraq’s Najaf are among the heavens for cemetery enthusiasts and grave hunters who have a passion for famous deaths.


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