Qalamkari of Isfahan, an ancient way of printing themes on fabrics, has made it onto the World Crafts Council’s list of cultural heritage.

Iran (IMNA) - The World Crafts Council has inscribed Isfahan as a ‘world city of Qalamkari’ on its list of intangible cultural heritage, Majdodin Taj, who presides over the Handicraft Union of Isfahan, said on Monday.

Following Minakari (the art of enameling), it is the second field of handicrafts from Isfahan registered on this prestigious list, Taj said.

The expert suggested that considerable effort should go into registering Iranian handicrafts. "We must take steps to help enshrine all active handicraft fields in the country because foreign nations have plagiarized some Iranian art disciplines."

He said the Handicraft Union of Isfahan, for its part, is pursuing the international registration of other handicraft disciplines in this regard. "The traditional arts of Qalamzani (the painting of motifs on metal objects) and Chalangari (traditional blacksmithing) will be our next nominees."

He believes internationally designated handcart fields financially support crafters using these techniques to ultimately help empower local communities.

A Qalamkari expert delicately covers textiles with Iranian and Oriental motifs and patterns, such as Persian calligraphy, vegetation and animals, arabesques, geometric patterns, hunting scenes, etc., using hand-carved wooden stamps.


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