Isfahan, one of the top travel destinations in Iran, seeks closer ties with China through a consulate proposal.

Iran (IMNA) -On Wednesday, Isfahan Mayor Ali Ghasemzadeh proposed the idea of opening a consulate office in the ancient city during his meeting with a top Chinese diplomat, Fu Li Hua.

Ghasemzadeh stressed the need for bolstering support for Chinese people willing to visit Isfahan. “China can establish a consulate in Isfahan to help facilitate and support the traveling of its nationals,” the mayor said.

He referred to the 25-year memorandum of understanding signed between Iran and China, saying there are many economic and tourism capacities embedded in the accord that should be taken advantage of.

The mayor then talked on a sister-city agreement between Isfahan and Xian, saying: “Xian has been Isfahan’s sister city for 34 years… In fact, it marks Isfahan’s first sister city… and that precedence is important for us.”

The Chinese diplomat said tourism development is one of the main cores of the 25-year accord as a win-win situation for the two nations.

She saw the exchange of tourists as a good opportunity to get to know the people of the two countries personally.

The development of tourism contributes to a country's economic development, so the tourism industry is particularly important for China, the top diplomat said.

The possibility that Chinese tourists may experience difficulties in Isfahan calls for the development of a plan to address these issues as well as the consideration of a support communication method for them to facilitate access, the Chinese diplomat stated.

Isfahan was once a crossroads of international trade and diplomacy in Iran and now it is one of Iran’s top tourist destinations for good reasons. The ancient city has long been nicknamed as Nesf-e-Jahan, which is translated into “half the world”; meaning seeing it is relevant to see half the world.

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