Isfahan Mayor Ali Ghasemzadeh has said his municipality is ready to establish closer ties with Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City based on interests and mutual needs.

Iran (IMNA) - On Monday, the mayor proposed that Isfahan and Ho Chi Minh City may even become sister cities after they tried their hands at tourism, cultural and economic interactions.

He made the remarks during a meeting with the Vietnamese ambassador to Iran, Luong Quoc Huy.

“Isfahan has always welcomed interaction with other cities in a bid to define closer ties based on mutual respect,” the mayor said.

He stressed the need for finding common ground to establish special ties with the Vietnamese city. “In addition to being a historical and cultural city, Isfahan is an industrial hub with prestigious universities, so we can define collaborations in these two latter frameworks.”

To provide much-needed examples, Ghasemzadeh said: "Isfahan is one of the top cities in terms of urban development, services, and garbage collection; therefore, we can share our experiences with other countries."

Speaking to the mayor, the ambassador pointed to 50 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries and said: “My goal is to forge [closer] ties between the two nations, the two countries, and our cities.”

“There are many arenas for cooperation, but we are particularly interested in Isfahan’s urban management,” the ambassador said.

“In this regard, I have held fruitful discussions with some businesspersons [and private investors] to foster commercial relations.”

Moreover, the envoy invited the mayor and an economic delegation to visit Ho Chi Minh City to formulate principles for establishing a sisterhood relation between the two cities.

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